Harvey Smith Photography

Aircraft and Yacht Photography

Aircraft and yacht interior photography is no obstacle thanks to the compact nature of Canon Digital SLR's and the widest-angle lenses made.

Drawing on years of experience with advanced lighting and the latest computer photo-editing techniques producing compelling dramatic images.

This Beechjet 400A was shot in a closed hanger, mid-day. Only small accent lights were used to enhance these shots. Using Photoshop and my experience working in difficult lighting environments, a dusk in-fiight shot was made in the hanger. Notice how all of the instruments and even the rudder foot-pedals can be seen.
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Island Packet Yachts IP370 salon and galley, shot with 35mm film-cameras using window control gels and hot lights. The salon was shot mid-day and the galley at night, yet the windows look the same.    www.ipy.com
Salon of IPY-485
IPY370 Forward Cabin
IPY370 Aft Cabin shot with Digital
Shot with slide film. Shot with digital.
Yacht Star Ship II in Tampa
The Yacht interiors below were shot in1985 for the Tao Chao and above from 1990 through 2004 for the Island Packet Yacht images. These images were shot with 35mm film cameras to capture the small spaces. The bow shot of the TC56 was shot with Hasselblad equipment.
All images © Copyright Harvey Smith Photography | All Rights Reserved