Architectural Photography Orlando
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A versatile freelance commercial photographer located near Orlando Florida and working throughout Central Florida from Jacksonville to the Keys, Tampa, Naples and throughout the Southeast. Projects have expanded into the Caribbean, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington State.
Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.
Specializing in Digital Photography with 30+ years of photographic experience with large format, working exclusively on location providing expert digital photography of architectural exteriors and interiors, interior design photography, hotel and resort photography, conventions, events, marine architecture. Location studio services for portraits, digital head shots, products and catalogs. Lifestyle photography for advertising.

A lighting specialist with extensive experience with studio strobes, tungsten lighting & motion picture style window control gels. Catering to the special needs of Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, and Real Estate professionals.
Mac based Digital services include expert PhotoShop CS6, scanning, color correction, retouching, image manipulation. InDesign CS6 desktop publishing design services for offset press - brochures, business cards, magazine ads and postcards. Flux4 for HTML website design, for Bonnie Smith Artist, , Ross Jordan Contractor Organizational Dynamics Consulting Artisan Inc Faux Painter..

Notable high-rise photos
Harvey Smith Photography
Small scale HD-video production with DSLR or HD Camcorder, camera slide and small crane and editing to DVD and Blu-ray.
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